About Antoni Vives i Tomàs

Antoni Vives i Tomàs

Antoni Vives is an international consultant, political advisor and policy analyst. He is the founder of the City Transformation Agency – Barcelona, an innovative firm that seeks to radically improve people life’s generating hope and delivering welfare in cities all around the world.

He consults city, national governments and companies on Disruptive Political Agendas, Smart Cities and City Anatomy. Antoni Vives is currently engaged in several projects in Europe, America, Africa and Middle Asia.

Antoni Vives is passionate about the capabilities of technology to improve city life, to transform public & domestic spaces, to add social value to the city. He believes in knowledge, education, research & innovation, as the engines for true social progress and economic prosperity. He is committed with urban futures and innovation.

From 2011 to 2015, Antoni Vives served as Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Vice-president of the Metropolitan Area and Vice-president of the Port of Barcelona. He was responsible of the Smart City and Urban Innovation Strategies in Barcelona, leading more than 10 municipal and metropolitan bodies. During this period, he led the city branding abroad, attracting investment and connecting Catalan companies to the world. Barcelona received numerous awards, including the 2014 European Innovation Capital (European Union), the 2014 Challenge Award Mayor Bloomberg Philanthropies (Vincles/Bonds Project) and 2015 Juniper Research Ranking 1st Global Smart City.

Previously, Antoni Vives served as the Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the Catalan Government. During that period, he created the first e-Government Consortium in Spain, the Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC). He also founded the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

Antoni Vives started his career as a member of the direction of Nissan Motor Company in Spain. He is graduated in Business Administration by the Barcelona University and has undertaken the Leadership & Public Management Programme, IESE, Madrid.

Antoni Vives is senior advisor of the London School of Economics and a regular contributor to the National Press. He has published essays and novels, some of them awarded.