Civic Commitment

Foundations that presides and voluntary work

Pere Coromines

The Foundation constituted in 17 April 1997 under the presidency of Max Cahner. Emphasize the preservation, dissemination and continuation of the work of Joan Corominas giant and the safeguarding of intellectual and moral legacy.

Fundació Joan Vehi

The foundation aims at the preservation, conservation and promotion of heritage and graphic Joan Vehí Serinyana centered mainly in the village of Cadaques.

Catalan Observatory

The Catalan Observatory is part of the European Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science and is the focus of a flourishing interest in Catalonia in the United Kingdom.
The activities organized by the Catalan Observatory include lectures, conferencesand symposia, as well as the publication of research monographs, newsletters and reports on specific issues.

El Casal dels Infants

Casal is a voluntary association, a project based on teaching the collective generation commitments and the involvement of citizens.

Acció Cultural del País Valencià

Cultural Action promotes and organizes all sorts of activities and initiatives campaigns to promote the language and culture, and values for progress.

Obra Cultural Balear

The Balearic Cultural Project is an organization founded in 1962 to promote the language and the culture and defend the right to full self-government in the Balearic Islands.

Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia – IAAC is an international centre for Education, Fabrication and Research dedicated to the development of architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in constructing 21st century habitability.